Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finding Thrift Store, Vintage Shops and other resources for thrifting

There are a lot of thrift stores, auctions, and other resources available out there, sometimes you will have to hunt them out. I have found several that are wonderful little places for bargains galore. I will share them later on just on the off chance that you live in my area or visit one day.

But for know I will share some tips on finding some of these resources:

Look up thrift stores in your local phone book. Also look up used clothes or other used items that you might be looking for. Also look up auctions and Vintage shops.

Sometimes there is a local T.V. Station on that has community events you could look for rummage sales, yard sale, auctions ect.

Call around to the local churches even if you don't attend these churches. Ask them if they have a thrift store or if they have rummage sales. Sometimes they have them around the same time every year and several times through out the year.

Also Contact your local fire houses, and ask about rummage sales.

Look to see if you have a local Salvation Army or a Goodwill store. You can also get this information online to see if they have any in your area.

Another resource you might want to look around in your local newspapers, I have found that there are more and more people advertising indoor yard sales through out the year.

Check the News papers on a regular basis in the Summer for all the Yard, Garage Sales that people are having through out the summer.

Look for flea markets that advertise that they have yard sale items.

Even when I go on vacation I am always looking around for the local thrift stores,
so you could also ask around, sometimes you may find someone who will know.

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