Sunday, November 1, 2009

Free Craft project ideas from Thrifting For Fun

Here is a really cute project using socks as the material to make wristcuffs. This is a great project for kids and teens.

There is always these stray socks or the heal of the socks wears out and what are you going to do with them. We are always losing socks, sometimes I keep them around for far longer then I should so I had to come up with some ideas for them, because of course the mate never shows up after it hits the black hole.

Well just cut them up to make these cute wrist cuffs.
Then tuck under the edges and sew the edges so that it will stay tucked under.

If you have some plain socks that are not interesting on there own add some buttons or maybe you could use a permanent marker to write on initials or draw some cool designs on.

Teens are really into wristcuffs these days, you could make a couple of these to give away as presents to those teens in your life.

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