Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thrifting for Camping

Our Family Loves to go Camping.
At the beach and in the woods.

On nice days and not so nice days.
No matter the weather they love camping, of course we would rather have the nicer weather.
There are so many great outdoor activities from fishing and hiking to swimming and bike riding.
But we have had a few adventures that were a little scary. We went on a hiking trip and my son fell in the water, no big deal except it was freezing water.
Or how about all those rainy days we have run into and have not been prepared for.
Or even when we feel that we have over packed we still have run out of what we need.
All great times with a little bit of learning for everyone.
We like to go camping, but we like to feel comfortable also.
Our camping is in a tent but we have air mattresses for comfort.
Well we have become more organized and prepared for our adventurous trips camping. One of the ways we have achieved this is by shopping in thrift stores and picking up some great deals.
Some of the items that I look for when shopping for camping are:
Sweatpants and shirts. These are super comfortable and warm.
Towels we like to have enough that if it rains we don't have to worry about hanging them out to dry. We like to have at least 2 for each of us when we get out of the shower and 2 each for swimming and a couple extra just in case.
Cooking and eating utensils.
Blankets for taking swimming or just to lay out on wherever your heart desires.
We have all sorts of camping equipment packed and stored, I like to include as much of the extra clothing and such, because I tend to be very forgetful at times and even with a list something always gets left behind.
I keep these items stored in plastic bins and when we go camping we have an extra tent set up for storing all of our clothes and toys and games for the kids. When we have a rainy day the kids also turn this in to a play tent, we bring family games and set up a small folding table inside and use the bins for chairs.

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