Saturday, January 3, 2009

I love using thrift store finds and recycled items to craft with.

There are so many ways to use recycled and thrift store finds in your crafting projects, to decorate your home or dress your self up in some cute or glamorous fashions.

Using your imagination is not easy for everyone, even if you are creative sometimes you need inspiration to spark your creative side.

Some of the things that inspire me are going into thrift store, taking a walk outside in the woods, looking at pictures in magazines and just everyday things that happen with my children or at work.

I like to keep a note book with all the things that inspire me, I add things like notes to myself, ideas I have, pictures of family or out of magazines, ect.
Then when I am looking for something to inspire me to do something or make something or motivate myself in some manner I will look through the inspiration book of things that I collect and it will help spark something in myself.

I love to craft, but sometimes I have so many ideas of items I would like to make that I have to write down all my ideas so that I won't forget and then choose just one or two items to concentrate on. Otherwise I would start 15 to 20 different projects and get so side tracked that I end up creating such clutter and then never really finish them. For some reason just writing down the ideas it make me feel secure that the idea will still be around when I can get to it, I don't like to forget things but often do so this makes me feel better.

I hope you feel inspired to get creative with some of the information that I share with you in this blog.

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